Hey, I'm Geoff Blake. I create online video courses to help people gain serious web skills, helping them to expand their business, develop their projects...and yeah, make more money!

Award-winning teacher, 15+ years experience   I've helped thousands of people build businesses, develop new skills, become more indispensable, and earn much more than they were before. I'd love to help you get onto the right path!

Published author, college professorship   Writing for top industry magazines and websites allowed me to help people all over the world. I also wrote Ten Ton Dreamweaver with Peachpit Press (ISBN: 0321374126); I held a professorship at Seneca college, and ran graphics workshops at George Brown, and Humber colleges in Toronto, but I quit out of discontent (see below).

Despises bad teaching   It's distressing that there's so much junk out there. Don't you find that frustrating? Even big institutions and companies are producing pretty poor stuff...Teachers who can't teach, overpriced courses that don't deliver on their promises, and confused students who likely would've been better off on their own. I think it's ethically wrong to charge people money for such lazy, poor quality books and courses. Don't you? Honestly, it pisses me off. Bad teaching sucks!

As you might guess, I'm very passionate about this stuff. I love teaching! I love helping people reach those "a-ha!" moments where everything suddenly clicks, that's awesome. And having some good fun along the way makes for some delightful learning, too. Would you like to get in touch? sayhello@tentononline.com